New PC!

I managed to kill 2 PCs this year with my incredible high-end-user demands (NOT!).  The first was my ancient HP and the second was the developers machine that Richard lent to me to continue with.

The screen on that died a few days ago.  The contrast started fading at the outer-edges of the screen and slowly migrated towards the centre.  Within about 3 minutes the whole thing was unreadable. Then it turned green and purple and finally closed its eyes and went to sleep (black).  The whole process took under 5 minutes.

You know when you have a gut feeling that something is very, very serious? Yeah. I got that feeling. And despite my relatively limited (for an IT consultant) knowledge of hardware I just knew it was the end for that screen.

Fortunately everything is backed up, and the hard disk still works perfectly.  I even can still access the files through Richard’s PC via the home network.

Anydeadhardware, I have a new machine!

It’s an Acer Aspire One.

The New Apparatus - it's teeny!

The New Apparatus - it's teeny!


4 responses to “New PC!

  1. Cool.

    I got a little 9″ eeePC 2 years after my laptop was stolen. Quite fit for the carry-round purpose – and it only takes 1-2 days to relearn the keyboard :P.

  2. So can we have a picture of Ella now? Thankyou

    How small is your PC?

    We are commencing a 3 day weekend so I’ll give the work Prado a good spin, but where to? Probably the West McDonnell Ranges cos they want me to take on a permanent job there managing 3 clinics and then some. I don’t know????

    • The PC is 249 x 170mm. It also has a 95% full-size keyboard which was one of the selling points for me. The Toshiba was just too tiny to type comfortably on, and I even have small hands.

      It has a 6 cell battery, which is large for mini-laptops… so it’s great for taking down the local cafe and surfing using their wifi.

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