Puppy Dog Pictures

Here is a picture of my Mum’s lovely dog who passed away in the last year.

She looks FAT in these pictures. I think my Gran was feeding her treatsat the time.

My Gran, my Mum, Ella and Mani.

My Gran, my Mum, Ella and Mani.


6 responses to “Puppy Dog Pictures

  1. Sure your Mum might like the occasional treat, but calling her ‘fat’ is taking things a bit too far, young Soph!

  2. LOL Nice one Kath! You’ll be getting me in trouble! 🙂

    Both the olds look pretty trim as a matter of fact!

  3. I AGREE with Kath! Good one! However I gave up smoking the Feb before last and the trimness is gone. I am fighting a battle continuously and that photo is wonderful inspiration and encouragement so thank you. Ellie Belle looks excellent – it’s a lovely photo really and I’ve not seen it before!So thank you for that too. Sophie, Charles and Jen’s baby is due next week. They are all very well and in about a month’s time they are moving to Melbourne – he has a transfer. Jenny has finished her Masters in Sydney so they are both free to concentrate on the big event. Gran is counting the days till we return but was so thrilled you rang. Perhaps we could escort her to your place and go on and visit Hylton, Lizzie and little Anika in England for a week or two. What do you think?

  4. Gran can’t climb over a bath at all safely but she can wash at the basin. How far away from your flat is that other flat?

    I’ve been offered an extremely well paid position out in the bush – no nursing – all management – 3 clinics, other nurses etc. Many programs and meetings with Indigenous Boards etc etc, house, allowances, extra week off every 3 months, 4WD etc. Keen to help our super recover as well as the experience. Could go across to Magnetic every 3 months for a couple of weeks at least. Kids could visit in the bush or the island when they want to see us – would be good for them. Dont know what to do about Gran – she would hate it. She would be afraid I reckon. What do you think? Love Ma

  5. I’d plan on an overseas trip each second year too preferably one before I started the job too. We need to sell our house at home then spend some on building on the island – small, very contemporary, casual space each and outdoor living eg Balinese style. Some could go into the superfund too. Sounds awesome to me. Ma

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