Cute Restaurant in Dubai

MoMo - Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

MoMo - Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Last weekend we had dinner at MoMo in Harvey Nichols in Dubai.  It was incredibly glam and full of beautiful Emiratis, as well as a generous sprinkling of uber-trendy Middle Easterners and a few Europeans.
Richard and I enjoyed a tagine of chicken with olives and preserved lemons. While the lads were smoking shisha I enjoyed a wafer-thin apple tart with star anise ice-cream garnished with crushed pistachios.
We really enjoyed the Moroccan tea they served from a beautiful silver pot into little glasses.  It was a mixture of mint, clove and cardamom I think. We went straight out and bought some from the supermarket.  (Lipton makes one.) We are enjoying it without sugar, with a couple of fresh mint leaves floating in it.

One response to “Cute Restaurant in Dubai

  1. Sounds truly delightful. Never ever live in Alice Springs – you’ll soon die from starvation. I’m sure there is nothing here to tempt your tastbuds – not even Bush Tucker. Haven’t found a decent coffee and the cafes are out of this world – more like 1955. Food is very basic except the Chinese takeaways and the Thai food at the markets. Luckily I have my chef with me and we had the best roast pork tonight and my favorite root veg – sweet potato. Ashley is in Darwin for a week so we have the house to ourselves. Today I finished the budgets for the Clinic for next Financial Year so I was pleased to get a brandy and dry. If I take another of these jobs out bush, I will have to give up the brandy.

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