I was thinking it would be great if my Gran could come and spend a few months with us in Dubai but unfortunately the tourist visa only lasts for 30 days.  14.5 hours seems like an awfully long flight for 30 days.



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  1. Towards the end of her first 30 days, do a visa run into Oman at Hatta, or at Ras Al Kaimah. When you come back through, (which you can do right away – simply U-turn and head back into the UAE), her passport will be stamped for another 30 days.

    Just make sure that your car is insured for Oman.

    If the visa expires before you make the visa run, you’ll be required to pay 100 dirhams per day over the expiry date.

    According to the DRND website, there is a 90 day visit visa available – but I’m not sure under what circumstances these are issued.

    It all looks rather complicated, and there are a lot of requirements, plus a lot of cost, so I would just do the visa run!

    Some info from those who have done it:

  2. Oops – forgot to add:

    Phone the Oz embassy and explain what you want to do. They might have some advice on how you can best go about this.

  3. I checked out the situation… you can sponsor a relative to come and live with you but you have to be able to prove that they have no-one to look after them in their home country.

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