Dubai Bag Watch

As some of my friends and regular readers know I share many of my fellow-gender’s fondness for beautiful handbags (or purses if you prefer).

I was chatting recently with a girlfriend of mine who shares this interest,  and made a throw-away comment that one day I would take a note of the bags worn by women shopping in the Mall of the Emirates.

Last week I was down there for some reason (forget why) and I happened to have my netbook with me so I grabbed a coffee and starting recording.

Here goes…

The most highly represented labels is without doubt Louis Vuitton, which for some reason I have never hankered for.  Maybe because they have only been doing funky designs since Marc Jacobs took the helm. But probably largely because they are so logo-focussed.

First up we have,

LV’s Damier Canvas Tate

Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Tote

This bag is not ugly per se.  But it is boring.

The Litmus Test: Would I use it if someone gave it to me? 

No. I’d probably give it to someone else.
(Probably what the person who gave it to me was thinking!)

On the other hand if you have a hankering for tasteful and safe… you can buy it at eLuxury (until they close down sometime soon).


LV’s Mahina

LV Mahina XL


 Now this is more like what I expect when parting with serious amount of cash! It has a luxe finish and sits nicely against the body. I also like the fact that the logo is not jumping out at you as much as some of their other designs.

The Litmus Test: Would I use it if someone gave it to me? 

Hell Yes.

Like it?  But It at eLuxury.


LV’s Monogram Canvas Neverfull

Monogram Canvas Neverfull

Okay. So you need a shopping bag, you want people to know you are not poor, and you have no imagination whatsoever. This is the bag for you!

The Litmus Test: Would I use it if someone gave it to me? 

No. No. And no.

Having an attack of madness? Buy it at eLuxury.


LV Damier Canvas Saleya

Damier Canvas Saleya MM

This is the Daimer version of the Logo Neverfull in my opinion.
It’s even uglier because the handles are too structured.

The Litmus Test: Would I use it if someone gave it to me? 

No.  Petite peeps like myself should not wear bags on their shoulders that have flat bases. They accentuate the height (or lack of).
Did I mention I hate it anyway?

Like it? Buy it at eLuxury.


LV’s Monogram ScubaLV Monogram Scuba MM

Massive in size and cyclamen pink. The Scuba puts paid to the myth that LV does not make bags that are fun!

The Litmus Test: Would I use it if someone gave it to me? 

Technically it is far to big for my frame and height.  But I love it so I would probably use it anyway. Maybe I would just sit it in the corner of my living room and fill it with magazines or something.

Like it? Buy it at eLuxury.


The bag in the Madonna Campaign


I don’t know what the name of this one is but i was impressed to see the woman sitting next to me had one on the chair beside her. The first thing I noticed was the MJ influence in the gorgeous red laquer toggles.

The Litmus Test: Would I use it if someone gave it to me? 

Despite the exquisite embellishments this bag doesn’t do it for me.

Like it? I imagine you have to be on the waiting list at your favourite LV Store for this one.  If you know Madonna ask her if you can borrow it.

I have a feeling Beyone is going to invest in one of these.

Chloe Saskia – Sling Version

Chloe Saskia

I like these multicoloured versions of Chloe’s saskia better in the sling style, than the satchel. Somehow the multicolours look more sporty on a sling.

The Litmus Test: Would I use it if someone gave it to me? 

It’s not my favourite Chloe but based on previous experience the smell and feel of the leather would have me drooling in seconds. So yes, I would probably wear it forever. But not with black. It would look great with the new neutrals; nudes and bones.

Like it? They are no longer listed on but you should be able to find one on eBay or other online retailers.  Just keep looking…


2 responses to “Dubai Bag Watch

  1. miriam wronski

    The Chloe bag is amazing!!!

    • It’s weird-sporty-amazing looking isn’t it?

      I think I would like to see it with jeans, a funky top, and trainers.

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