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I AMsterdam

Cafe B at De Bijenkorf, Amsterdam

Cafe B at De Bijenkorf, Amsterdam

Flying out at 9:30am – getting in at 6:15pm.

First thing I’m gonna do is go out for some Indonesian with a girlfriend and catch up on gossip!

Then pass out.

Hopefully no-one will spit in my food or bitch me out on the flight over.  I’m flying British Airways and they have all just been asked to work for free for one month. 

I’m sure they’re thrilled.



The chosen one is looking good these days… he’s pretty hopeless at remembering to eat in the evenings so I have to remind him (several times!).

Here he is chilling on the couch.

Mozzle - looking quite the sofisticat here.

Mozzle - looking quite the sophisticat here.

Strange Days

So they ask my husband to take a pay cut the day after we buy ourselves a coffee machine.

Timing is everything!

Anybightme, here is a picture of the shiny new toy.  I can highly recommend this if anyone is thinking about getting a home machine.  It took us about a week to get it working well, but now we are making some kick-arse coffee!

It also makes great Chai Latte.

The Giotto Rocket Espresso Machine

The Giotto Rocket Espresso Machine


I have now been in Dubai for over 6 months and still no sign of improvement on the job front.

My plan B is London.  Just wondering at what point I am going to crack and get on plane to go search for a job there?