New Header Image

The new header image is taken from a Gulf News photo of racing dhows.

I just love that photo so much I had to put it somewhere I could see it more often!

It’s hot-ish in Dubai at this time of year. It get’s to the low 40s during the day, and is super-humid in the afternoons and evenings.

If I leave the door to the balcony open for an hour and turn off the air-conditioning (I did this once for the cats) the bathroom mirror will fog up and then start raining on itself.  Literally, after an hour the shelf under the mirror will be covered in a puddle of water from the condensation running off the mirror.

I can’t leave the cats outside while I go out now.  It’s too dangerous. Of course, they WANT me to leave them outside all day, basking like cheetahs, interrupted only by short breaks on the cool tiles inside.

Naturally, this necessitates me jumping up and down like a yoyo to  let them in for temperature regulation stops every 20 minutes. They get 2 steps inside and then flop onto the cool tiles.

Mozz has even taken to scratching at the door to come in then staying put on the balcony while the cool air-conditioned air blasts outside onto his little body.

‘No way sunshine! You want in? Then come in! I’m not standing here while you suck out all the cool!’

I’m very unreasonable.


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