The Burqa is not the Problem

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France’s decision recently to ban the burqa really disappoints me.

Do you know how many accused rapists answer in their defence to the police, ‘But  she had this really short skirt on!’

Do we ban the mini-skirt because some see men think it reflects a loose character in the woman? No we don’t. We don’t because we know that the mini-skirt is not the problem.

Banning mini-skirts is not going to reduce the occurrences of sexual assault. So So why do we think that banning the burqa is going to help women fight oppression?

Economic migrants and refugees come from all across the globe. They bring challenges to their new societies in terms of how to integrate them into the community, while protecting the needs of existing citizens.

We need to accept that the problems refugees bring with them; street violence, protest attacks and oppression of women are characteristics of poor societies .

We need to address the impact of poverty on societies with education, healthcare and access to  social justice. These are things that will truly improve the status of women in our society.

Let’s address the impact of poverty on society, and let different cultures wear their traditions with pride.

Take a look at this article from CNN today regarding women wearing the Hijab if you are interested in this topic.


2 responses to “The Burqa is not the Problem

  1. There’s also the fact that not by any stretch of the imagination are all women who wear it forced to wear the clothing, other than in a couple of extremist countries. In its various forms, from burqa to abaya, very many woman choose to wear it.

  2. I think that’s an important point seabee.

    It’s true that there are most probably women who feel pressured by their society to wear the garments, even in more moderate countries.

    But this happens in many societies.

    I notice that there was an outcry recently when someone proposed banning high-heeled shoes in the UK because ‘women feel pressured to wear them’.

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