Ramadan Kareem everyone!

It’s Ramadan and the entire country is in festival mode.  No eating or drinking during the day is DEFINITELY made up for at night.

We had out first Iftar meal yesterday, that is the traditional meal to break the fast.  Iftar is served at the first prayer call of the evening. It was about 6:45.

Iftar Menu

Jallab and Dates

Jallab is  a drink made from dates,  grape molasses and rose water, then smoked with Arabic incense. It was served with crushed ice and floating pine nuts.

To me it tastes like liquified Turkish Delight.



Lentil Soup


Main Course: Tenderloin beef with onions and baby potatoes

Date based desert, like date eclairs or date pie.


One response to “Ramadan

  1. I love TD, so I want me one of them drinks there!

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