The Golden Rule

Number One golden rule in the UAE:

Do not fuck with the locals!

It seems an Iraqi woman forgot this recently when she decided to get into an Emirati’s car and move it from where it was blocking her own car.

Note: Leaving cars unlocked – and sometimes running –  in the UAE is not uncommon. Vehicle theft is extremely rare and gas is cheap!

Why would you risk deportation in order to get out of a car park? What was she thinking?

I will be watching the newspaper to see if the outcome of this trial is published.

Dentist accused of driving woman’s car in parking lot

From Gulf News

By Bassam Za’za’, Senior Reporter
Published: September 05, 2009, 22:57

Dubai: A dentist has admitted that she drove another woman’s vehicle that blocked her way in a parking lot.

The 35-year-old Iraqi pleaded guilty before the Dubai Court of Misdemeanour on the charge of driving the 30-year-old Emirati woman’s vehicle.

The dentist also denied the charge of assaulting the 30-year-old and strongly denied what she described as the Emirati’s baseless allegations that she pushed her twice.

Defending the dentist, lawyer Uday Al Qazwini said: “The incident happened in a mall’s one-direction driveway& the Emirati parked her car in a provocative manner and she intended to block my client’s way and prevent her from driving through.

“She fabricated the assault charge against the defendant, who didn’t even touch her during the incident. During questioning, the Emirati gave an inconsistent statement.”

The Public Prosecution charged the Iraqi with pushing the Emirati twice and driving the latter’s vehicle without her permission.

Al Qazwini said his client is innocent and didn’t have any criminal intention when she drove the woman’s car, “but she did so because the Emirati had intentionally blocked her way”.

“The court should acquit my client according to article 64 of the Federal Penal Code which stipulates that a suspect who is coerced or provoked, physically or emotionally, to commit an offence should not be held liable & In our case, the dentist is the real victim because the Emirati refused to move away her own vehicle, hence she blocked the way and prevented the dentist from driving her car through.”

The Emirati testified: “She beeped her horn repeatedly and flashed her lights for me to unblock the way& I signalled for her to wait until I park. She pushed me before she drove my car. I alerted the police.”

The dentist stated: “She didn’t give me any attention and persistently and provocatively left her car blocking the way that I had to drive her car out of my way& I didn’t touch her and she’s the one who pushed me out of her car.”

A verdict will be heard next week.


One response to “The Golden Rule

  1. i really think that parking somebody in should be a criminal act or at least carry a heavy fine

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