Mozz is doing extremely well for an old bugger  – 12 years now!

I took him into the vet tonight because his ear has been bothering him for a few days.  He keeps holding it down and if you rub his head near the ear he shakes his head furiously.

The vet took a look in his ear and said, ‘I can’t see anything in there.  Not even any dirt’… but has prescribed Mozz some antibiotic ear drops for 10 days.  If he improves in a few days then I guess the ear drops have done the trick.

He has also been limping slightly the past 48 hours so the vet checked him for that too.  He had what looks like a well-healed scratch on the pad of his right forefoot.  Most probably from a spat with his girlfriend Kelly.

Mozz and Kell chase each other around the apartment late each night when we go to bed.  This usually involves several passes over the bed at high speeds, some 3-day eventing type moves over the desks and our sofa gets used as a velodrome – good for running up the sides of at great speeds.

Last night they decided to use my behind as the stopping point while I slept in bed. Wonderful! Needless to say, the limp and the bung-ear were not slowing him down yesterday evening much.  (Although my ass wishes they were.)

Mozz and Kell in their box full of mohair rug.

Mozz and Kell in their box full of mohair rug.

Happy Diwali everyone!


2 responses to “Mozzwatch

  1. That. photo. is. fucking. ADORABLE.
    …It’s the sort of thing we’d all go ‘awwww’ at on Cute overload!

  2. They are appallingly aren’t they? 🙂 I laugh at the fact that Kell has a foot up Mozzle’s behind! He seems very cool with that.

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