Stab victim receives six months in prison

Does this not raise the question of mercy?

By Awad Mustafa of The National

DUBAI // A man who was stabbed repeatedly, robbed and left for dead was yesterday sentenced at the Dubai Criminal Courts to six months in prison.

LY, 35, from China, was jailed after providing police investigating his case with a labour card that did not belong to him.

He pleaded guilty to using an official document with intent to deceive the police, as well as the illegal possession of that document. He had been working illegally in the UAE, according to court documents.

On December 26 last year, a police report was filed saying LY had been found lying in a pool of blood after being robbed outside a building in International City. The assailants were not identified and LY was taken to Rashid Hospital for emergency treatment.

A police officer told prosecutors LY informed him through an interpreter that he had been attacked by two men who had gagged him and stabbed him in the stomach and left thigh a number of times.

LY said the men then stole his bag containing an undisclosed sum of money and ran off.

The officer said that when asked for identification, LY produced a labour card with someone else’s photo. When questioned about the discrepancy, he claimed he had been given the card, which was found to belong to someone else, to present to police if he was ever stopped.

LY will be deported after serving his sentence.


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