On the Road Again

We are planning on leaving Dubai around December 20.

Kell is going in cargo because she is too cool for school and would probably camp out on the wing without raising a hair if we let her.

But Mozz is too old and diabetic to go in the hold so he is coming in the cabin with us… thank god KLM and Air France still allow this.

Today Mozz got his travel bag… I call it his Taxi.

Does he look very Paris Hilton or what?

Mozz: International Cat of Mystery

Mozz: International Cat of Mystery

It’s not known if I will resist the temptation to announce at Dubai airport – in a loud Britney Spears accent – the immortal words ‘My Pussy is Hanging Out‘.


3 responses to “On the Road Again

  1. He looks a tad annoyed at having his photo taken there, but those eyes….. gorgeous!

  2. He does look annoyed there doesn’t he. He looks like that more often now – even though he’s not really annoyed. I think it’s his old age making him look like that.

    I love Mozz’s eyes… even though they are not strictly speaking regulation Burmese eyes.

    Burmese are meant to have golden eyes… his green eyes mean some of the Siamese gene is coming through too strongly. But I think green are more striking too 🙂

    I had nightmare all last night about trying to take him out in public in his new bag… werewolves were chasing us trying to eat him! Werewolves! God, I’m such a mother!

  3. A lot of of people blog about this subject but you wrote down really true words.

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