NorthWest Airlines Bomber

Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the bombing attempt on Christmas Day by the Nigerian national who was educated in London and Dubai.

Kind of feels weird knowing he was a Masters student in Dubai at the same time I was.  If he was at the same uni I didn’t meet him.

I wonder if he was at Knowledge Village or Academic City?

I notice CNN has an article on their front page titled, ‘Yemem a safe haven for Al Qaeda’.  Can’t help but think sarcastically to myself, ‘It’s desperately poor, has THE lowest population education levels in the world, and it’s right next to Somalia. Who would have guessed it was so vulnerable?

Sometimes CNN seems genuinely surprised at things that don’t seem a huge stretch to me.’


3 responses to “NorthWest Airlines Bomber

  1. Ha! He went to University of Woollongong. In Knowledge Village. My uni was in Academic City. No wonder I never saw him.

  2. Another thing not to be surprised about is if this has all been a con-job to invade Yemen. They’ve been acting up on the Saudi border lately and giving the Saudi forces some grief, so the Saudis have probably sicced the US onto Yemen to “protect the oil supplies”!

    • Oh I think they’re very happy to get as far into Yemen as they can on this guise. Totally agree. But I cannot see the US committing to invading another Middle Eastern country without full support of the UN. And the UNs not going to give it. At least not in the short term.

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