Congratulations Dubai!

The opening of the Burj Dubai is today! Everyone will be queuing to go in it for weeks!


4 responses to “Congratulations Dubai!

  1. Hello to you and Mozzle. I was surfing some info on Arabian Sand Cats and came upon your Blog. I really enjoyed reading about Mozzle and Kelly. Please tell me what breed of cat they are. They are beautiful. I have regular american stray cats. My main squeeze is a Blue bat, looks british blue, but mostly just a stray variety who has an art gallery named after him (I am the artist) I love my gray cats, they are like superior humans in cat pajamas. His favorite trick is to bring me my slippers… Thanks for sharing your cat family.

  2. Ha! Just read the info page. Burmese! I would have guessed correctly! I grew up with a Champagne burmese, Hobbit. He was wonderful. Oh you do have great fur faces!

  3. Hey Sophie, are you too busy to write?
    Are you still in Amsterdam? We have just today moved into our own home in Alice Springs. I start my new job in a couple of weeks. We have just had 4 weeks in Victoria visiting all family members and have distributed heaps of stuff to Charlie, Tony and Hylton and their families. Tom is holding some things for you for if you ever want them including the various Deflt items. He is doing up Tarndwarncoort as a guest house sort of living museum so our timing is perfect. We still had more than the container so there is still more whittling down to be done. This house has an independant flat which we are renting to Ashley and Tara. Our dog Pepper and their dog Basil are very happy here. The pool is fantastic, have to keep going for swim in between unpacking. Great lift to the legs etc.
    Our address is 10 Chapman Court Araluen, NT 0870 if you need anything. Much love to you both Mum. p.s . the flight attendant who upgraded me to business class today has a Burman and it seems to live much the same sort of life as Mozzle! Ronnie is drinving up later with the excess stuff.

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