Living it up in Amsterdam in apartment number 2.  This one belongs to a very generous friend of mine who is putting the entire family up to a few days until we work out if we are going to rent a place here for a month.

Mozzle playing around on the swing covered in Springbok. He looks so proud you would think he caught it himself.

Mozzle on the underfloor-heated bathroom tiles - with his back directly against the wall heater.


3 responses to “Mozzwatch

  1. Hi Sophie,

    Your cousin Elena told me about your blog recently (I lived with Elena in Brunswick years ago). My husband and I are moving to Brazil soon so it’s great to read about others’ expat experiences.

    I love reading about your pusscats! So cute. Will you have trouble bringing them back to Australia (if you intend to do that at some stage)? We want to get a cat in Brazil but hate the idea of it spending 6 months in quarantine when we come back to Oz. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


    • Hi, great to hear from you!

      The amount of quarantine time depends on which country you come from. And it can usually be avoided by taking the 6 month preparation procedure. I have brought the cats back to Australia from Europe once already (2 years ago) and ours did not go into quarantine. However, Brazil might be different. Check for details on which countries can export cats to Australia.

    • I just remembered that they did stay in quarantine but it was only for 30 days. Whoops! Sorry.

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