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Ramadan Kareem everyone!

It’s Ramadan and the entire country is in festival mode.  No eating or drinking during the day is DEFINITELY made up for at night.

We had out first Iftar meal yesterday, that is the traditional meal to break the fast.  Iftar is served at the first prayer call of the evening. It was about 6:45.

Iftar Menu

Jallab and Dates

Jallab is  a drink made from dates,  grape molasses and rose water, then smoked with Arabic incense. It was served with crushed ice and floating pine nuts.

To me it tastes like liquified Turkish Delight.



Lentil Soup


Main Course: Tenderloin beef with onions and baby potatoes

Date based desert, like date eclairs or date pie.


Strange Days

So they ask my husband to take a pay cut the day after we buy ourselves a coffee machine.

Timing is everything!

Anybightme, here is a picture of the shiny new toy.  I can highly recommend this if anyone is thinking about getting a home machine.  It took us about a week to get it working well, but now we are making some kick-arse coffee!

It also makes great Chai Latte.

The Giotto Rocket Espresso Machine

The Giotto Rocket Espresso Machine

Heating Up

It’s now 7pm and its 38 degrees celcius. The car said the outside temperature was 46 while we were driving today but the weather report says it only reached 44.  Not a personal best for me but it’s getting there!

Despite the fact that I seem to be aclimitising better than most people (maybe being Australian helps?) I did notice it was hot today.  (When its in the high 30s I now describe it as ‘quite warm’.  Madness.)

We decided a trip to Dubai Mall was in order because I had heard there was a good cafe there called Kozi. Kozi is an African-themed cafe selling coffee from African beans, and staffed by Africans.  It’s quite a charming spot and the coffee was excellent… which is why we went searching for it.

Richard and myself at Kozi today

Richard and I at Kozi today

Also took some pics of a couple of stores with interesting retail desgn.

Kurt Geiger Shoe Store, Dubai Mall

Kurt Geiger Shoe Store, Dubai Mall

The Manolo Blahnik Store - designed to look like a fishtank with the shoes being the fish.

The Manolo Blahnik Store - designed to look like a fishtank with the shoes being the fish.

Yay!  Galleries Lafayette is finally open in Dubai Mall!

Yay! Galleries Lafayette is finally open in Dubai Mall!

The Dubai Mall Fountain

The Dubai Mall Fountain

Worker on break sleeping in window, Dubai Mall.

Worker on break sleeping in window, Dubai Mall.

Cute Restaurant in Dubai

MoMo - Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

MoMo - Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Last weekend we had dinner at MoMo in Harvey Nichols in Dubai.  It was incredibly glam and full of beautiful Emiratis, as well as a generous sprinkling of uber-trendy Middle Easterners and a few Europeans.
Richard and I enjoyed a tagine of chicken with olives and preserved lemons. While the lads were smoking shisha I enjoyed a wafer-thin apple tart with star anise ice-cream garnished with crushed pistachios.
We really enjoyed the Moroccan tea they served from a beautiful silver pot into little glasses.  It was a mixture of mint, clove and cardamom I think. We went straight out and bought some from the supermarket.  (Lipton makes one.) We are enjoying it without sugar, with a couple of fresh mint leaves floating in it.

Camel Milk

I was in the local supermarket the other day – Choithram’s – and I saw what I initially thought was a container of Caramel Milk for sale.

Then I realised it said, Camel Milk!

Awesome! I might even try some.

Camel Milk (Image Source:

Camel Milk (Image Source:

Rubbish Room

We have a waste disposal system in our apartment block.  To get rid of your rubbish you take the rubbish bag and walk down the hallway to the cryptically-named Rubbish Room. In the Rubbish Room there is a Rubbish Chute. To dispose of your rubbish you pull open the door and throw the rubbish down the chute.

Well, you’re meant to.

It seems a number of people take the sign on the door literally (the room where the rubbish goes?) and place their rubbish bags on the floor of the Rubbish Room.

I find this perplexing.

It’s particularly annoying when you cannot get to the chute because the floor is covered in half-open bags of dinner leftovers that look like the outcasts from an Asian  food hall.rubbish2

The Korean always looks pretty good. Thanks to my next-door neighbour for that one. Apparently she has never lived in an apartment building before with a rubbish chute.  I find this a bit weird because don’t almost all Koreans live in apartments? How do they get rid of their rubbish? That’s one thing I failed to investigate on my trip to Seoul last year.

Needless to say I shall be paying close attention next time.

You’d also be surprised how many dead kitchen  appliances can fit into a 1m square room. Of course, it’s all in the stacking.

I once found a couch in there, upended.

The Yoghurt Thief

Richard has started eating non-fat yoghurt as part of his healthy eating plan. In the past yoghurt was definitely ‘my food’ and he never touched it. This meant that when I felt like yoghurt, there was always some in the refrigerator unless I had eaten it.

No longer.

Al Ain Dairy Low Fat Yoghurt

Al Ain Dairy Low Fat Yoghurt

Today I went to the fridge to get myself a yoghurt. All three remaining mini-yoghurts had DISAPPEARED!

In my sternest voice that is reserved for Very-Serious-Matters-Indeed (such as eating my last item of food or shrinking my clothes in the dryer), I said to him: ‘Honey, ……………why did you eat three yoghurts?’

His answer: ‘Because there wasn’t four?’