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Snip! Snip!

I got my haircut today.scissors1

I had a job interview last week and it was the first time I’d really blow-dried my hair in a while.  I realised then that it was so long at the back that it was looking mangy (I have a short haircut).

I decided to take a punt on the local, very average-looking hair salon in The Greens. I figured they couldn’t make it look worse.

My last experience at a hair salon left me with a whole in my wallet as well as butchered hair, so I figured I’d pay average dollar this time and see if the butchering increased exponentially.

This time I paid 170 dirham for a cut and blow-wave.  (That’s 46 USD, or 35 euros.)  A relative bargain. So far so good. But I really can’t tell if its a success until I wash and style it myself. So I’ll know in two days. (I’ve discovered that a good hairdresser can make even the most amateurish haircut look okay with a skilled blow dry.)

Speaking of blow-waves… the blow-waves they do here totally crack me up!  They seem to work on the assumption that everyone wants to look like a patrician matriarch from South America.  It reminds me of Evita or even an ‘awards event J-Lo’, and I totally love the fantasy element of it.

It’s very….(To husband) Have Henry bring the car around will you dahling?.  The girls and I are auctioning our last-season outfits for the hospital. Don’t wait up! (Finishes glass of Krug 96, air-kisses husband and totters off on ridiculously high-heels trying not to fall down stairs onto vast marble foyer).


Oh my, its the glitterati! (Image Source: DListed)



My Hair is a Blonde Joke

In a flash of insanity I recently had my hair highlighted blonde. Then, after hating it for the first week, I decided I quite liked it. However, the trouble with blonde highlights is you cannot ignore them when they need to be refreshed (unless you are Madonna). So… on Boxing Day I took a punt on one of the more upmarket salons here. I’m not going to mention which one.

It cost me what I thought was a reasonable price; 505 dirhams for the highlights without a cut. That’s about 200 AUD, or 100 euro. In Sydney this would get you a decent, if not life-changing, set of highlights.

In Dubai, for this price I got
a) no toner after the highlights, and
b) no attempt to match the new highlights to the exisiting highlights.

So now I have a regrowth strip down my part line, broken up by rapidly deteriorating blone highlights on very dry hair.

I am unpleased.

That's me!

That's me!

I am thinking of slinking down to the drug store to buy a brunette semi-permanent and putting it through myself. I haven’t done that since I was in school.