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Jumpy -> Just plain upset

My good friend Phil who is renting our flat in Kirribilli has just been burgled!


They took his big screen TV, laptop and probably other stuff aswell.

Bastards again!!


Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today is my birthday… and I can honestly say that having Mozzle survive this near-death experience is the best birthday present I have EVER had!

BESTest Birthday Present Evah!!!

BESTest Birthday Present Evah!!!

I want to send a hello to all the wonderful people that sent me a ‘happy birthday’ today…

Miriam – perfecting her bedside manner in Townsville (the rara skirt’s a nice touch!)
– dancing with underwear models in LA (didn’t you do that last year?)
– sipping cocktails on the way to Omaha – champagne and a sleeping pill (affectionately referred to as a  ‘Chemical Upgrade’)
– being nominated for innovaton prizes in Amsterdam
– taking a vow of silence in London
– Vogue-ing in NYC
My Dad
– in Melbourne planning how to invest my lotto winnings.
playing with fireworks in Sydney
– cat-herding in Sydney
– sharing my birthday and keeping accenture Taipei in business
– kerst dranken in Brussels
Fatima – looking impossibly lovely (as usual) in Brussels
Fiona – preparing for adventure in Perth
Claire – double-billing with the Meat Sluts in SFO
and finally…… Richard – my lovely husband who spent an exhausting and successful day with me in Dubai hunting for a birthay present!

You guys are the BEST!


Mozz (front) and Kell waiting for dinner in Amsterdam.

Mozz (front) and Kell waiting for dinner in Amsterdam.

Our kids are felines and there are two of them. Mozzle is a blue (grey) Burmese male cat of 12 years, and his woman is a Chocolate (milk  chocolate coloured with dark brown points) Burmese cat of 10.  They have moved with us everywhere, from Melbourne to Amsterdam, to Brussels and then to Sydney. They were due to arrive in Dubai this week when Mozzle became gravely ill.  He is not out of the woods yet but for the first time in a week looks to have a chance at recovery.

I cannot describe what its like for a mother to be on the other side of the world when her kid is critically ill. And believe me, I have all the traditional neuroses and guilt attributable to mothers when it comes to these cats. Particularly when it comes to Mozzle whom we have had since he was a kitten and is an exceptionally intelligent, interactive cat who pretty much rules the household.  Although, my husband does outwit the little bugger from time to time when he can be bothered.

So the last 3 days have been some kind of living hell for us… with calls every morning at 6am UAE time to the vet in Australia (4Paws in Neutral Bay, Sydney has been magnificent in their attention to him) and regular updates via email to and from my good friend who took over our flat in Sydney and who is minding them.  Yesterday I read something by the famed academic and spiritual leader Halle Berry which was,

If you find yourself in Hell…

keep on going!

So I have been trying to live by that the last 24 hours.  I move between crying and feeling like I will cope no matter what happens to him, knowing he has experienced 12 wonderfully happy years with us.  Then feeling guilty for feeling like everything is going to be okay when it obviously would not be. Grief is a funny thing

Today we found out he has improved so we are cautiously optimistic.  We will call again tomorrow to see if he has managed to maintain his progress or has relapsed.

Mozzle - slayer of dragons and winner of many hearts.

Mozzle - slayer of dragons and the odd mouse.

And back to Arghhh!

Remember my last post when I said I went from Arrrrgh to Ahhh? Well its back to Arrrrgh again!

The infamous legal documents were safely placed into my hand luggage. I didn’t pack them in my large suitcase because I am going to check that into the hold, and it might – just might – get lost. So hand luggage seemed the best and safest option.


Today the removalists came and packed up everything in the house except the stuff I am taking on the plane. Guess what? They accidentally packed up my hand luggage – with the documents – and my work laptop that is due to be returned tomorrow as it is my last day of work.

This is the kind of murphy’s law that will – at some point in an international move – bight you right in the ass. You can plan and contingency plan and yes, you can learn from your mistakes the first time. But at some point the shit is going to hit the fan.

Now for the counter-attack…

Since I know my stuff has not been loaded into a container yet it must be somewhere in the state of NSW. Its even probably somewhere in the vicinity of Sydney. Hell, if i have to fly somewhere first thing it in the morning to collect it myself then I will. (I have an empty ticket up my sleeve with Qantas that is going

begging anyway).

I have left a voicemail and email for the moving company telling them they are gonna have to arrange to open up the boxes and give me the stuff. Luckily they have been incredibly professional and have labelled every box with inventory descriptions. So it should be do-able. Let me rephrase that… it WILL be do-able!

All I can do is pat myself on the back for having the foresight of booking an evening flight which does not depart until 9:50pm. That gives me all day to track down the bags and collect them.

Please Lord, let me get through this challenge relatively unharmed and be on the flight with documents safely tucked into my bra tomorrow at 9:50pm. Thank you. Amen.