One more thing I’ll miss about Dubai

The exquisite Arabian Mau street cats. Like the one I rescued and found a new home for.



2 sleeps to go and Mozz and Kell are ready for their 10th international flight!  They are now up to 1.5 virtual circumnavigations of the globe.

They are both in top shape and we have their papers (kindly organised by Snoopy Pets in Dubai) and their bags ready to go!

This picture was taken of Mozz a couple of days ago while he was chasing Kelli around the bathroom.

Things I will miss about Dubai

The desert

The palm trees

The camels


Silk Abayas




Fresh hand-cut pineapple

Lebanese food

Cheap taxis

Over-the-counter antibiotics

Industrial-strength chemicals for everyone!

The weather in winter

Personal safety

Being at the top of the food chain because I’m female

Our swimming pool

Our pool man

Not having to cook  – anything

and saving the best till last…

The Emiratis


Mozzle is getting ready for his big flight next Saturday. He’s super fit and full of cheek!

Mozz has never flown in the cabin before so I’ve taken him to the KLM website and we have selected movies and put in our meal orders. (He’s okay with chicken or fish but abhors vegetarian.)

Kell is travelling incognito in the hold because she doesn’t want to be seen in public with Mozzle… totally understandable since he is an appalling attention-seeker.

This the two of them watching a bit of Blade Runner with the folks last night.

Rain and Cold in Dubai

I went swimming today. I blithely dived in and nearly died of shock.  The water has dropped over 5 degrees Celsius in just over 3 days!

It is now a definitely bracing 26.5! ( It was 32.) I had to put in a couple of laps of fast freestyle just to combat the cold! I’m so used to it being like a luke-warm bath.

It was positively UNCIVILISED!

You know it’s cold in Dubai when:

1) the pool attendant is wearing a woollen beanie.

And The air temp is 22 celcius.

2) People in the lift see you going down for a swim and say, ‘But isn’t it COLD?’

And the water temp is 32 celcius.

3) Richard regularly gets mugged on the couch by both cats who now find it too cold to spend the evening rottiserating on the balcony.