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NorthWest Airlines Bomber

Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the bombing attempt on Christmas Day by the Nigerian national who was educated in London and Dubai.

Kind of feels weird knowing he was a Masters student in Dubai at the same time I was.  If he was at the same uni I didn’t meet him.

I wonder if he was at Knowledge Village or Academic City?

I notice CNN has an article on their front page titled, ‘Yemem a safe haven for Al Qaeda’.  Can’t help but think sarcastically to myself, ‘It’s desperately poor, has THE lowest population education levels in the world, and it’s right next to Somalia. Who would have guessed it was so vulnerable?

Sometimes CNN seems genuinely surprised at things that don’t seem a huge stretch to me.’



2 sleeps to go and Mozz and Kell are ready for their 10th international flight!  They are now up to 1.5 virtual circumnavigations of the globe.

They are both in top shape and we have their papers (kindly organised by Snoopy Pets in Dubai) and their bags ready to go!

This picture was taken of Mozz a couple of days ago while he was chasing Kelli around the bathroom.


Mozzle is getting ready for his big flight next Saturday. He’s super fit and full of cheek!

Mozz has never flown in the cabin before so I’ve taken him to the KLM website and we have selected movies and put in our meal orders. (He’s okay with chicken or fish but abhors vegetarian.)

Kell is travelling incognito in the hold because she doesn’t want to be seen in public with Mozzle… totally understandable since he is an appalling attention-seeker.

This the two of them watching a bit of Blade Runner with the folks last night.


Of course I am worrying myself sick about Mozz’s upcoming flight out of Dubai, although I know he will be okay under my arm the whole way.

He’s such an old bugger. He sleeps a lot now but he still has serious attitude.

He looks very cute in this photo… he loves his Dad!

Mozzle & Richard (two old grey bastards)




On the Road Again

We are planning on leaving Dubai around December 20.

Kell is going in cargo because she is too cool for school and would probably camp out on the wing without raising a hair if we let her.

But Mozz is too old and diabetic to go in the hold so he is coming in the cabin with us… thank god KLM and Air France still allow this.

Today Mozz got his travel bag… I call it his Taxi.

Does he look very Paris Hilton or what?

Mozz: International Cat of Mystery

Mozz: International Cat of Mystery

It’s not known if I will resist the temptation to announce at Dubai airport – in a loud Britney Spears accent – the immortal words ‘My Pussy is Hanging Out‘.

Visit to Blighty

The day after tomorrow I’m off to London to see a  guy about a dog. No wait, a job…  Yeah, a job!

Wish me luck!

I AMsterdam

Cafe B at De Bijenkorf, Amsterdam

Cafe B at De Bijenkorf, Amsterdam

Flying out at 9:30am – getting in at 6:15pm.

First thing I’m gonna do is go out for some Indonesian with a girlfriend and catch up on gossip!

Then pass out.

Hopefully no-one will spit in my food or bitch me out on the flight over.  I’m flying British Airways and they have all just been asked to work for free for one month. 

I’m sure they’re thrilled.