Spent another 4 hours with him again today. He’s not looking as good as he was yesterday.  He’s exhausted and very quiet.

I was able to feed him through the tube, and give him a long cuddle. He purrs gently when I do this.

His feeding tube wound is infected.  Think perhaps they need to give him antibiotics for that.  I will ask them tomorrow.

It was very late when we left, and the vet was in emergency surgery working on a very sick dog. Poor puppy-dog.

Dina (the vet nurse and diabetes specialist) had her cat in the vet today. I’d heard so much about this cat.  Basically that it was crazy and vicious. Her name is Tiny Terror.

All this was true.  What struck me was how beautiful she was.  Maybe the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.  She’s an Egyptian Mau.  (I swear this cat was on speed the whole time it was in the vet.)

An Egyptian Mau (Image Source:

An Egyptian Mau (Image Source:


8 responses to “Mozzwatch

  1. I hope he will be okay–I just came upon your blog by accident.

    • Thanks for your support Candace. I see you are a cat person too!

      Mozz is home and despite the fact that he has several holes and missing bits of fur, he is doing great. I still can’t believe he actually made it!

  2. Really good read, stumbled upon this accidentally but will deffo be coming back more often!!

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. What a stunning-looking breed!

    Still sending my bestest vibes over to you, Richard and Moz.

    • If you can believe it… the real cat was much more beautiful than the one in this photo. She looked just like the cat out of the Pharaoahs statues. The most perfect pair of khol-rimmed symmetrical feline-shaped eyes you have ever seen.

      The funny thing is she looks exactly like her human mother… who is also Egyptian and looks like a real-life Cleopatra or something. Those Egyptians really know how to do facial symmetry, cat eyes and aqualine noses. Bitch!

  4. That’s great news, Sophie, yay! Yes, I’m a cat person–we have 3 indoor cats and umpteen outdoor cats that keep finding their way here. A couple are going in on Monday for their “procedures,” but it’s a huge project. Glad Mozz is recovering.

  5. Beautiful cat!

    I hope yours gets better soon ❤

    I love cats 🙂

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